Welcome to Glyptic Illusions. This web site features an assortment of gemstone carvings by Bart Curren. Each piece has been hand carved into a one of a kind sculptured gemstone that has been designed for use in today's contemporary fine jewelry. Bart has also incorporated some of his digital photographic art work including his new series "Glyptiles™".

Glyptic Illusions - Sculptured gemstone by Bart Curren

Are you planning to go to the Tucson Show this year? A fabulous collection of my work will be available with James Alger Co. at the AGTA show in the Tucson Convention Center February 2-7, booth 317-319, and the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show, room 138, at the Tucson Riverpark Inn January 29 - February 10.

All gemstone carvings by Bart Curren come with an Identifcation Card to support the authenticity and value of each piece.
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New: For you viewing pleasure Angel of the Sahara


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